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… is reserved for current members in MBSCI/MBAA.
… must represent your own personal effort and exclude copies of the efforts of others.
… must be free of copyright or claims to copyright or proprietorship.
… must be in the form .jpg(jpeg), .png, or Compuserve .gif
… may not be returned and the submission of originals is discouraged.
… will not be compensated for any material.
… are to be made as attachment to email "" and include your name.
Submission at the MBSCI/MBAA office may be made within a closed envelope marked "WEBSITE PHOTO SUBMISSION". The Office Staff is NOT involved in the Selection or Posting of any material.

• Selection …
… will be made by the staff of MBSCI/MBAA Website on the basis appropriateness and potential member ineterest.

• Posting …
… will be made by the Webmaster and may include up to two lines of your supplied text which will include your first name and last initial. You may specify to use your full name.


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